lipoma treatment in ayurveda


Baryta Carb 200

This is one of the most incredible solution for lipoma treatment in ayurveda, particularly those seen on the neck, growing and induration of the organs. Other than that as lipoma is a moderate developing, greasy knot that is frequently arranged between your skin and the basic muscle layer baryta carb helps in dissolving the fatty lump when taken consistently for a while.

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Acid Uricum 30

It is used to evacuate over the top uric acid  which  stores in the body. Acid Uricum  helps in decreasing swelling on the skin caused because of deposition of fat. It eases torment related with gout joint inflammation and is useful in the treatment of skin issues, for example, states of dryness that leads to eruptions . This  medicine works so well for Lipoma  i.e  Fatty tumors under skin as it lessen the swelling .

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  • Baryta Carb 200 – 4 drops in one spoon full of water in the morning time 48 hourly.
  • Acid Uricum 30 – 4 drops in one  spoon full of water  3 times a day.
  • Always keep a gap of 15 – 30 minutes before or after meals when you take any homeopathic medicine. Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course.



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