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Best Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine for both male & female vigour and vitality, it helps in any type of long sickness and weakness due to it, physical weakness , impotency, night discharge ,less sperm count, less semen formation and very thin seminal discharge, premature ejaculation, exhaustion and weakness ,dissatisfaction on bed, male private part and female feeder organ enlargement etc.


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Product Description

Best Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine for vigour & vitality

(This herbal medicine powder is useful for both gender aged 14 yrs and above.)

Ingredients:  Aswagandha, Shatavari, anwla, kauchbeej, Safed Musli, Khareti beej.

This herbal preparation is highly effective for any hindrance to physical development, any type of long sickness and weakness due to it.

Mental and physical weakness, impotency, night discharge, less sperm count, less semen formation, very thin seminal discharge, premature ejaculation, exhaustion and weakness, dissatisfaction during intercourse, etc can be cured, and it increases vigour and vitality.

The girls and women whose breasts are underdeveloped, this medicine gives an excellent result. Those women suffering from hips pain, this medicine shows excellent results.

Information :

It has obtained that all the medicines prepared for satisfaction on bed, that is, the medicines which stop the early seminal discharge, are producing constipation.

Tonic medicines, which are manufacturing for removing weakness, 30 % mentally wish for sexual intercourse, and it is for a lengthy time.

In our medicinal powder, we have not added any such to medicines that produce sexual excitement.

Our medicine produces the development of energy, which is already present in the human body.

The medicine shows excellent results when men utilise his energy. That is to say, when one man is taking our medicine regularly, and if he is walking more, because of the effect of our medicine, he will not get any pain in his ankle.

That way, if a man is on bed, this medicine helps much for success & pleasure. This medicine increases the strength of the penis, stops early ejaculation, and increases the quantity of semen. By taking this medicine regularly, it increases sperm count, and low weight persons increase their weight (Tested).


More:  The human mind thinks contrary due to weakness, after taking this medicine, it develops power like a new life, and his thinking also becomes positive. This type of young men & women become powerful physically & mentally by taking this medicine, and they will get relief from the dirty habit of masturbation.


Doses: One teaspoonful in the after breakfast also again one teaspoonful at bedtime.

For good result: When taking this medicine on the palm and suck it slowly and swallow it with water. By taking the medicine in this way the patient gets a lot of benefits and immediate results. 

For better results: Take one glass of hot milk added with Almond, Pistachio, Akharot (Walnut), Kharek (Dates Dry skin), and Chilgoja (Pine nuts) in equal proportions. Even a patient can prepare at home. These dry fruits are taken in equal proportions and kept first in the sunshine to let out the moisture and dry them correctly, then mix in a mixer and store in a glass or plastic container. When consumed, the mixture will increase the weight and semen in a person very fast.

From The Desk of Chairman

We are living in a Modern Age where nobody has time for his own body. As life is faster and hasty, so everybody is suffering from constipation, disability to perform his duty in family life. As It is research that the edible products are having pesticides and harmful chemicals either it is vegetable, fruit, wheat, rice, cereals, etc. which causes a different type of chronicle problem as well as it decreases the immunity of human being.

When we consider producing a product that gives vigour and vitality, we found both genders require so in this age.

We have taken data from the market and found products for vigour & vitality and immense pleasure are advertising through different media, and it is selling in the winter season only. As the companies are adding such herbs or Bahamas, which gives high temperatures in the human body so it can’t be used in summers, it clots blood so the chances of high blood pressure and some times heart stroke increases.

We consider our research team made a formulation which is applied to tropical climate means it can be used through out the year and it works on both gender.

We are promise to give a better result than any other product available in the market.

Note: As some sufferers are saying to make it in the form of capsules at this, we made 600 mg capsules, but the dose should be 3-4 cap at a time as it’s a herbal preparation of raw herbs.

Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

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