Dr. Thankis Diabetic Powder

Worlds best medicine for diabetic (type I or II) patients. It helps in preventing profuse urination, extra hunger, extra sweating and tiredness after slight activity, high BP, higher cholesterol, neuropathy, retinopathy ,less of Haemoglobin, etc.

This herbal medicine is useful for Men & Women of all the ages suffering from Diabetes. This Ayurvedic powder combination is based on Ancient Ayurvedic literature.

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The 90% sufferers of diabetic are genetic. Rest 10 % are due to a lack of anxiety, high blood pressure excess load of work. Also, food is going to make a diabetic patient. Less sleeping, junk foods, stale food, fast food, irregular time of intaking meal and dinner become a significant cause.

As the present business is on computer-based, so no physical activity is done by persons hence become a diabetic patient.



When the pancreas does not secrete insulin in proper quantity, the patient’s sugar level increase as insulin absorbs glucose and convert into kinetic energy. So if the secretion is less the person diagnosed as a diabetic patient.



  • Profuse urination
  • Extra hunger
  • Extra Sweating
  • Tiredness after less activity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Neuropathy
  • Nephropathy
  • Retinopathy
  • Less of Haemoglobin
  • Uncurable wound
  • Itching on Penis
  • Laziness etc.



Jamun Guthli, Avala, Haldi, Mamejawa, Saptarangi, Vijaysar, Neempatra, Indrayan Mul, Bilwa Patra, Giloy, Gokhru Gudmar, Karela, Methi, Tulsi Patra, Chirayata, Tejpatra



This herbal medicine combination is useful for Men & Women of all ages, suffering from diabetes. This Ayurvedic powder combination based on Ancient Ayurvedic literature.

Our ayurvedic medicine is a highly effective combination to care for diabetes. When this medicine is taken by those patients who are either Diabetic Type I OR II, it works as a support to them to maintain sugar level control.


Important Information:-

Biologists have considered diabetic patients of two types:

Diabetic Type-I: 

Persons whose pancreas is not producing insulin or if producing the negligible amount of insulin considered as Diabetic Type I patients.

These patients treated with insulin through injection along with some tablets prescribed by Diabetologist helps to increase the amount of insulin hence patients sugar level controls.

 Diabetic Type-II:

The patients having insulin in their body but in a lesser amount than required. This type is called Diabetic Type- II. In this type of patients, the insulin in their body is not capable of producing the necessary amount of insulin by mitotic cell division and remains inactive in the pancreas. Type- II patients treated with some kind of tablets which do not practically decrease sugar level. But they act on the inactive insulin to promote more mitotic cell division and ultimately, the number of insulin increases, which subsequently reduce the sugar level.

All path doctors found that the uncontrolled diabetic patient control within a fortnight by just adding our Dr Thank’s Diabetic Powder along with their prescribed medicine and sugar level well control within fortnight.

The patients suffering from side effects of diabetes like neuropathy and retinopathy can control their advancement of these side effects in the patient body, by using Dr Thanki’s Diabetic Powder.

Also, burning sensation and itching is made tolerable by our medicine. During our studies, in some cases, we have found that these problems are solved.

The diabetic patients show symptoms like laziness, body ache, inflammation in the legs, weakness, sometimes itching in the body without any reason, infection in the genital organs, etc. In the human body, the veins in the eyes and fingers of legs are fragile. If in these veins, blood with sugar enters, and if by chance, it settles there, it creates problems. If this happens in the legs, it is called neuropathy, and if it occurs in the eyes, it is called retinopathy. The persons suffering from retinopathy have their eyes with blurred vision.

If any person met with an accident surgeons removed his pancrease to save his life now the patient has no insulin in body means absolute diabetic.  In that case, to protect the patient from diabetes, what should do?

The answer is in our medicine, in which we have used special herbs which produce enzymatic insulin without the involvement of pancreas.

As per suggestions given by different path Dr, our Dr Thanki’s Diabetic powder should provide to the patient’s one tsp 5 minutes before the Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The enzymatic insulin produced by our medicine.

The doctors of different paths have tried our product on so many  patients who were Diabetic Type I and wanted to get rid injectable insulin.


15 minutes before breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 1 spoon (4-5 gm.)


Cumulative effects of our medicine:

In this medicine, Avala & Haldi mixed in equal proportions which are called Dhatri Nisha. According to Ayurvedic Shashtras (ancient ayurvedic science books) this combination makes the effect of any medicine increases ten

Gokhru: Present in our medicine helps to protect kidney problems which are followed by prolonged diabetes. If there is any kidney problem- Gokhru is excellent herbal medicine.

Neem Patra: Present in medicine helps to prevent any infection in the blood.

Bilva Patra: To activate liver and pancreas Bilva Patra uses in this medicine.

Note: When the liver is working correctly, it sends other ingredients to their approprliveri mool: Diabetic patient’s stool becomes very hard; for this problem, Indrayan mool helps to stop the hardness of stool and makes I normal

Tej Patra: It helps to activate Beta cells in the pancreas.

GiloyAva1a-gokhru: Mixture is called Rasayan Chuma, which helps to protect the patient from Neuropathy, Retinopathy, and physical and mental weakness.

Gudmar: Helps to control the sugar, which excreted with urine.

 Diabetic Foot: Many patients suffer from this disease. In their body any injury or wound which does not heal, it is advised that our powder after making a paste with water should be applied around the injured portion or wound. The injury will get healed quickly.


Note: The paste of our medicine in water should be applied just on the surrounded area of the wound or injured portion directly.

Diet Chart

North Indian: One Cup of Tea or Coffee
South Indian: One Cup of Tea or Coffee



3 Pcs. Of Fulka (small chapatti) +

1 Bowl of Vegetable + 1 cup of tea/coffee.

2 Bowl of Upma or 4 Pcs of
Idli with Sambhar Avoid
(coconut chutney)+ 1 cup of


10 AM
One Pcs. of fruit (Best fruit for diabetic patient is apple.)
One Pcs. of fruit (Best fruit for diabetic patient is apple.)


1 PM

4 Fulka + 2 Bowl of Vegetable + 1 Bowl of Any kind of Cereals + 1 Bowl of rice

Rice + Curd Sambhar /
Tamarind made Rasam.



Paratha or Upma or Poha or Bread Butter but it should be in such quantity that we can say heavy Breakfast+1 cup tea/coffee.

Idli, Medu Wada, Upma Uttapam or any south Indian Breakfast but it should be in such quantity,

that patient should feel no hungry at all that time means heavy breakfast.


7 PM
One bowl of soup of any vegetable
One bowl of soup of any vegetable


8-9 PM
4 Fulka + 2 Bowl of Vegetable + One Bowl of
Kadi or any kind of Cereals.
Rice + Curd/ Sambhar/ Irasam
11 PM
1 Bowl of papaya
1 Bowl of papaya

Avoid:- Coconut, groundnut, pickles, aerated water & much oily & spicy or stale food. Avoid :- Coconut, groundnut, pickles, aerated water & much oily & spicy or stale food.

Key Ingredients

  • Curcuma longa
  • Salacia reticulate
  • Aegle marmelos
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Syzygium cumini
  • Emblica Officinalis
  • Enicotema littorale
  • Azadirachta indica
  • Ocimum sanctum
  • Zymnema Sylvestre
  • Citrullus colocynthis
  • Tinospora cordifolia
  • Cinnamomum Tamala
  • Momordica charantia
  • Pterocapus marsupium
  • Trigonella foenum-graecum

Disclaimer: The result of this herbal supplement may vary from person to person.


From The Desk Of Chairman:

As medical science says about diabetic type I and diabetic type II but when our company was thinking to produce a herbal supplement for diabetic sufferer my consent and vision to act as the word of our herbal supplement. Our herbal supplement name shows diabetic powder; we are not showing it as for type I Or II. What I think “a person met with an accident and lost his pancreas to save his life” now what to say type I OR II no answer is he is an absolute diabetic sufferer, now I want to alive that guy on the earth as a non-diabetic sufferer.

In this modern age, there are a lot of parametrical investigations to confirm the diabetic level and other side effects occurred in the sufferer body.

We are suggesting to observe and keep control of this crucial problem along with the other vital organs like kidney, heart and liver etc.

We know that diabetes is spreading like a mushroom as our modern style is not permitted to work as physically. In the age of fast computer technology, 70% population has a sitting job.

Secondly, food having pesticide and it is the main cause of it.

Note: If a diabetic type I sufferer want to get rid of insulin he must go for a check-up of his blood parameter for below-mentioned test whether he can relive the insulin or not. This test suggested to done empty stomach after stopping of insulin for at least five days.–

C-Peptide Serum

We are requesting the reader of our website to consult on our companies helpline no for any kind of advice or question arises in their mind.

As per consultant advice just add our this herbal supplement to diabetic type II uncontrolled sufferer with any path supplements he is taking.

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