Treat Tonsillitis with Homeopathy..


Sore throat, difficulty swallowing and tender lymph nodes can be experienced by an individual  suffering from Tonsillitis . It is inflammation of the tonsil (feels like a knot on your neck), tonsillitis make your throat painful and it’s difficult to eat, drink, or even swallow. This condition can be uncomfortable and horrendous swollen.




Lac Caninum

Lac Caninum is effective medicine for painful gulping ,when pain is extending towards ears ,tonsillitis of both sides and diphtheria symptoms change more than once from side to another. This medicine ease stiffness of neck and tongue . One of the most prominent symptom for this remedy is that the inflammation in the throat pushes toward the ear and pain take alternate sides as in keeps on changing its side .It has restored enlarged glands.

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Baryta carbonica

Baryta Muriatica

Phytolacca Decandra


Mercurius Iodatus Ruber

Mercurius iodatus ruber heals ulcerated sore throats and tonsils, particularly on left side of the throat , with glandular enlargement. This medicine relief stiffness of muscles of throat and neck with having sensation of a knot in throat .Mer .iod .rub works specifically for tonsil. tonsillitis,(left) , the irritation and inflammation of tonsils and so on. People suffering from tonsillitis or sore throat have trouble in swallowing can be treated by this remedy.

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  1. 22/08/2020
    Akash Awal

    Very informative and well in just a few days. Thanks Dr.Shraddha for your time and consultation. These have worked on me n healed me very well👏✌️😊


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