Treat Insomnia (sleeplessness) with homeopathy ..


Insomnia is a sleeping disorder ,people suffering from insomnia have symptoms like trouble falling asleep , waking up frequently during the night time and experiencing difficulty when going back to sleep, and even sleep isn’t restoring. Now a days Stress is the most widely custom hockey jerseys nike air jordan shoes green plus size top popular sex toys black hair wig nike air max 270 women’s sale human hair wigs for women nike air max plus adidas store football jerseys nike air jordan 11 legend blue cheap lace front wigs adidas shoes sale best jordan 1 nike air max 270 womens ecognized reason for mind-body  sleeping disorder. 




Passiflora Incarnata Mother Tincture

Passiflora Incarnata is a proficient anti-spasmodic ,and treats insomnia. .In mother tincture it also helps with Whooping-cough, Delirium tremens and Spasms in kids; neuralgia. This medicine has a calming impact on the sensory system. when a patient is suffering from sleeping disorder, it produces normal sleep plus no disturbances of cerebral functions, Passif.Inc has been used for conventional restlessness, gives good result in anxiety of fevers for repetitive works when the patient gets anxious and volatile for bringing an end to off the Morphine habit.

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Coffea Cruda 1m

Coffea Cruda is a great solution to a patient who is on a steady move at night and sleeps till 3 am, after that just snoozing, the patient wakes with a beginning and his sleep is disturbed by dreams.This medicine covers Restless suffered by an individual mentally ,also comforts an individual with Over-sensitivity and Sleeplessness(insomnia). Coffea Cruda is of a great help when it comes to Sleeplessness due to over-thinking (restlessness of lying-in ladies). Sleeplessness from excitement of the creative mind, stream of thoughts, and incredible dreams.

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Kali Phosphoricum 200

Kali phos is an extraordinary nerve supplement cell salt .It gives alleviation from stress and anxious pressure, Insomnia, and migraines even aides pateint who gets up right on time and feel apprehensive, fretful and strained.Kali phos cures an individual who feels sleepy and yawns a lot, but sleep is not refreshing for him its very difficult to awake , even his eyes start to hurt and they feel so tired. It may helps to ease pains which frequently change area and keeps one awake. This remedy also treats Sleeplessness , from unreasonable mental tensions ,after concern over problems, from over thinking .

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Cypripedium 30

Cypripedium has extraordinary benefits for nervous disorders from mental over-excitement. This remedy also give great results in insomnia also overstimulation of brain . It is good for children with brain- hyperesthesia  who wake in the night and are full of energy and Nervousness in children,  can helps with Epilepsy from reflex irritation. It is fit to apprehensive issues from mental over-energy, no sleep  or reflex anxious, to apprehensive shortcoming

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 Due to anxiety

Ars 200

Cocculus Ind 200




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