How to treat face Discolouration with the help of Homeopathy..

Black Circles around eye

  • China
  • Secale Cornutum
  • Arsenic Album

After Menstruations 

  • Phosphorus

With Blue Spots

  • Sulphuricum-Acidum

Blackish Around Lips

  • Ars

Around mouth

  •  ars

Bluish Discolouration on face

  • Lachesis

Bluish under the eye

  •  Ferrum Metallicum

Bluish around  mouth

  • Cina
  • Lach

Bluish discolouration on Lips

  • hydra -ac
  • lach
  • acet -ac
  • arg-nit

BROWN Discolouration on face

  • baptise
  • sepia
  • nit-ac

 Brown spots on face

  • carbo-an
  • sepia
  • sulph

 Brown around eye discolouration

  • lach

Same colour discolouration along lower lip

  • ars

Same colour dislocation below mouth

  • phos


  • Sepia

Dark Discolouration

  •   Baptisia
  • Nitricum acidum





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