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Brittle Nails      

   Calc Carb 200  +  Graphites  200

These two medicines are extremely effective for cases having brittle nails that show a tendency to crumble and breaks very easily. Along with this the nails may be agonising and sore as if they are ulcerated. In few cases requiring it the nails are harsh and sometimes are discoloured . Calc Carb can also treat deformed nails.



Corrugated Nails

Silicea 200 + Thuja 30

Silicea 200 – Silicea is an extremely helpful  medication to stimulate nail growth. It is indicated  for cases having brittle, rough, yellow and damaged  nails. It is shown to treat crippling of both fingers and toe nails. There might be some amount of  grey/dark discolouration of nails.  Other than that , on cutting nails it splits into layers or fall off . Silicea helps to heal many other nail disorders.

Thuja  Occidentalis 30 – Thuja is a medicine which works great when the nails are extremely dry . Thuja is commonly known as Arbor Vitae. . It is a superb medication for  fragile , distorted  misshaped nails (that get out of shape). The nails crumble and may be stained as well. Sometimes the nails are delicate and  can be peeled off easily in layers. The nails  may some of the times have lines on it. 




 Corrugated Fingernails   and    Corrugated Toenails  

 Sabadilla 30



Curved Nails 

Nit Acid  30

This medicine is demonstrated for weak  nails with white spots on it. The nails may come up short on their ordinary shape. Some of the times the nails of fingers are yellow and curved.  Nit Acid  also works  when both finger and toe nails extremely damaged . There is always a tendency of having weak nails with a sensation as though nail has grown in the flesh without actually having an ingrowing toe nail . This remedy especially  helps for curved nails .



Distorted Nails

Graph 200 + Silicea 200


Falling out of Nails

 Squilla 200



Ribbed Rough Nails 

Fluoric Acid 30

Fluoric Acid is a reasonable medicine for cases having  fragile nails that are corrugated , ribbed rough nails . The nails of the person is harsh, rough  and tend to crumble easily . Mostly there is an impression of  splinter under the nail is felt by the patient . The nails can be distorted and not have an appropriate  shape.

Homeopathic medicine Flouric acid  guarantees you  positive outcomes in situations where the nails grow very fast and are Ribbed rough nail , People have nails with longitudinal edges. Nail changes may be related with a sore pain in the middle the toes.  This homeopathic medicine may also be recommended in cases of nail infection with corns which are sore to touch.



Split Nails 

Antim Crud  200 + Silicea 200

Antimonium Crudum is a main medicine to treat individuals with Split nails. This work when the nails get cracked and crushed easily.  The nails also have a tendency to grow in splits/parts. Antim Crud covers when  there is pain in the skin lying under the nails is present of a patient. In some cases the nails may be discoloured. Even nails may also be deformed and develop in a bad way. Apart from this  it is also indicated for people suffering with slow development of nails. 


Silicea- Silicea is an amazing homeopathic solution for  fungus . I feel it is best prescribed to patients who have freezing feet and palms. Their nails are infected and distorted. Silicea can be helpful for the patients with overflowing terrible smelling sweat from the feet, hands and armpits. It is observed to be related with a sharp pain in the finger and toe nails. The agony is intolerable and the patient seems to be very restless and fractious . Silicea can be given to patients in whom the nails grow inwards , split and are surrounded with flesh and pus.



Thick Nails 

Graphites 200 + Silicea 200

I have discovered that homeopathic medicine Graphites and Silicea is suitable for cases of nail disorders portrayed by thick nails. The nails  will in general tend to ulcerate and the surrounding tissue is swollen. Graphites can be given to the person, when the pain is profound seated and the patient can’t stand to be touched. The affected parts are exceptionally sore and painful. Graphites might be given in situations where there is thickening of the nails.


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