FAQs And Help

What is MediKartIndia.com?

MediKartIndia.com is the online portal ofEmporis India Pvt Ltd which sells authenticated (prescription) medicines with genuine invoices. Emporis India Pvt Ltd is a private limited company, incorporated and registered under Company Act, 1956 having registered office in New Delhi. All the medicines sold by Emporis India Pvt Ltd have good expiry dates and as per Doctor’s prescriptions along with appropriate invoice. Emporis India Pvt Ltd is backed by team of qualified and certified pharmacist/doctors.

How are you different from a local chemist shop?

We are not different from a local chemist shop except that our customer can upload their prescriptions to our website and get delivery of their medicines (subject to prescription verification for certain medicines) through our registered pharmacists. Further, our customers can rest assure about the authenticity of the medicines with original receipts, good expiry date, and correct manufactures etc. We are here to provide best experience in buying your medicine needs, whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones.

How can I trust medicines which you deliver?

We have team of certified pharmacists who verifies every single medicine order you furnish to us. If a prescription is required, it will be verified too. Not only that, all the medicines are always sold under supervision of certified pharmacist for all medicines.

How can I order medicines?

You can order medicine by visiting www.MediKartIndia.com or by calling our number +91- 9818214966. You can also SMS/WhatsApp at +91- 9818214966 or send emails to orders@MediKartIndia.com. On our website, you would require to create a user account using your email address and providing your details. Once registered, you can browse a medicine, or just fill the medicine name in the “Quick Order” form and that is done.

What kind of payment options do you have?

Currently, we support manual NEFT/Net-banking, direct cash deposit to our bank account, or cash on delivery in selected cities. While NEFT/cash deposit is free, there is nominal charge on COD. Please use our COD calculator at Calculate shipping/COD!. Once you order medicines, our support staff calls and explain you about it. Further, our team is actively working to bring debit card and credit card based payment gateway in future. Please stay tuned for the same.

Why do you require prescription for certain medicines?

Some of the medicines can only be purchased or sold with a prescription from a registered medical practitioner/Doctors. Those medicines will require a prescription. Please call us to discuss more in case you need further help. You can upload the prescription at the time of orders or send to order@MediKartIndia.com.

How do I know if a medicine requires prescription?

Whether a medicine requires prescription or not is specified in the Schedule H or Schedule X list or can be informed by your doctor or a qualified pharmacist. MediKartIndia.com also tries to put a note on our website whether a medicine requires prescription or not however our pharmacist would be best to tell exactly about prescription requirement. Please call our toll free support number to know this at +91- 9818214966.

What if I don’t have the prescription at the time of ordering?

You can still proceed with the order subject to prescription verification on our website. When our pharmacist processes your order, he will request it at that time. The pharmacist will verify it and based on verification only he can proceed with the medicine delivery.

How soon can you deliver the medicine?

If you order your medicine before lunch time, we try to process it same day. However, if you ordered afterward, it may be processed same day or next day. The actual delivery time depends on delivery address/PIN.

How much do you charge for shipping?

For most of the cities across India, shipping is free above certain order amount. Or else we charge a minimum shipping amount which is charged by our courier partners. Please use our shipping calculator at Calculate shipping/COD!

Do you have Cash on delivery (COD) option available?

For many cities across NCR, we have COD available for a nominal fee. Please use our COD calculator at Calculate shipping/COD!